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June 08, 2011

Time: 5:30am

Calvin & Marv are a disgruntled duo of interns from Domino Records.  At age 33, Marv finally graduated from The Phoenix University, an online institution of higher learning. His rich daddy pulled some palms and greased some strings to get him his career-making internship at Domino.  He loves his daddy very, very much, and is looking forward to learning how to ‘work for a living’.  Calvin was the quintessential hot shot stock broker down on Wall Street.  He had it all, lost it all, had it all again, lost most of his hair, and then lost his mind.  At age 32 he successfully falsified letterhead from the ‘Make a Wish Foundation’ requesting a Domino Records internship as his dying wish.  He rides his fixed gear bike to work everyday and wishes that DJ booths had cassette players.




Zarjaz - "Inter Block Rock"

Jay Dee - "Plastic Dreams"

Heart Strings - "Broken Water"

Sneaky Pinks - "I Can't Wait"

Silver Shampoo - "Dogs"

Brett Smiley - "Cherry Hookers"

Bagarre - "Your Love Is Dirty"

John Maus - "Believer"

Disco Kids - "Batman"

Factory Floor - "Real Love"

Dizzy K - "Yes I Love"

The Shocking Blue - Water Boy"

Rubber Rodeo - "Jolene"

DJ Schmolli - "The Trooper Believer"

Wally Badarou - "Hi Life"

Clout - "Sunshine Baby"

Crystal Stilts - "Shake The Shackles"

The Weeknd - "High For This"

Lio - "Comix Disco Mix"

Czerwone Gitary - "Ucze się żyć"

Chrisma - "Got Got Electron"

Disco 4 - "Country Rock And Rap"

Silk Flowers - "Frozen Moments" (Nite Jewel Remix)

Ottawan - "Hands Up (GIve My Your Heart)"

Aaliyah - "R U That Somebody"

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