The London Story - Ben Thompson presents 500 years of history and The More Fire Crew


June 09, 2011

Time: 1:00pm

The London Story - Ben Thompson presents 500 years of history and The More Fire Crew

Author, journalist and moonlighting Resonance FM fixture Ben Thompson presents a musical pageant of life in Great Britain’s capital, with help from a cast of hundreds including Lord Kitchener, Ivor Cutler, World Domination Enterprises, The Streets, The Slits, Steptoe & Son, The Small Faces, Sir Richard Dimbleby, Sir Winston Churchill, SL2, Quentin Crisp, John Barry, T.S.Eliot, Caetano Veloso Sir John Evelyn, Jimi Hendrix, Iain Sinclair, Underworld, Pet Shop Boys, Dorothy Tutin, Shy FX & UK Apache, Sir John Betjeman, Robert Grawi, X-Ray Spex, King Timothy, Derek B, Aswad, The cast of Round The Horne, The Who, Stanley Holloway, Dizzee Rascal, Lionel Bart and Ambrose & His Orchestra.
Anyone who fancies listening to more of this kind of nonsense can find 24 hours of it at from June 6th 2011.


(All spoken word interventions come from the Queen Elizabeth II coronation souvenir LP The London Story unless otherwise stated)

Lord Kitchener - London is the Place for Me
London street sounds (From Oxford St in the 1960's)
Lord Kitchener - Sweet Jamaica
Ivor Cutler - Paddington Town
World Domination Enterprises - Asbestos Lead Asbestos
The Streets - Has it Come to This?
The Slits - Shoplifting
Steptoe & Son - Theme
The Small Faces - All Our Yesterdays
Richard Dimblebly - Live Commentary on VE Day
SL2 - On a Ragga Tip
Quentin Crisp - Stop the Music (excerpt)
John Barry - Beat Girl Soundtrack (excerpt)
TS Eliot - The Fire Sermon (excerpt)
Caetano Veloso - London, London
Jimi Hendrix Experience - Fire (BBC sessions version)
Iain Sinclair - The Premature Mourners (excerpt)
Underworld - Stagger
Pet Shop Boys - West End Girls
Dorothy Tutin - "Poor old George III" (from The Hollow Crown vinyl anthology of monarchy-related soundbites)
Shy FX feat. UK Apache - Original Nuttah
John Betjeman - The Cockney Amorist
Robert Grawi - Piccadilly
Richard Dimbleby describes being in a Turkish bath in Jermyn St
Young Tiger - Gerrard St
Derek B - Get Down
Iain Sinclair - The Solemn Mystery of the Disappearing Room (excerpt)
Aswad - Warrior Charge (aka main theme to the film Babylon)
Round The Horne cast - Swinging London supplement
The Who - Dogs, with Stanley Holloway's Evett's Dog Hospital in the middle
Dizzee Rascal - Graftin', with Lionel Bart's Meatface 2 in the middle
Linton Kwesi Johnson - Street 66
Ambrose & His Orchestra - Big Ben is Saying Goodnight
The More Fire Crew - Oi!

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