The Count and Sinden


June 08, 2011

Time: 4:00pm

Graeme (Sinden ) and Josh (Herve / The Count) delve into their record collections to share some of the music that have shaped them over the years.  They’ll be taking us on a journey starting with the music they both grew up to and their first introductions to dance music, before moving on to some worldly beats and hidden gems from across all the genres as they play some of the pivotal tracks which have helped to shape both their individual music as well as their debut album as The Count & Sinden ‘Mega Mega Mega’.  Finally they’ll be bringing us up to date with some of the music exciting them now & some possibly unexpected tunes that they choose to listen to when not trapsing across the world’s club circuit. 


Alice Coltrane - Journey into Satchidanada
Can - Vitamin C
Tears for Fears - Head over heels
Duran Duran - The Chauffeur
Chaz Jankel - 3000000 syhtns
Cocteau Twins - Ivo
Ennio Morricone - Crudeli
Sonic Youth - Mote
Nico –
Gomez and his Afro percussion - la lupita
Bill Withers - Hello like before
Marvin Gaye - T plays it cool
The police - Walking on the moon
Scar Face - Mr Scar Face
Jesus and Mary chain - Never Understand
Specials - Ghost Town
My Bloody Valentine - Soon
Dinosaur L - Go Bang
Anaa Calvi - Blackout
DJ Technics - Don't make me Kill
Golden Girls - Kenitic
The Count and Sinden - The Future (Can blaster remix)
Aphex twin - Heliosphan
Rolando - Aztec Mystic
Joey Beltram - Energy Flash
Roni Size - New forms machine drum edit
Tom Waits - What's he building

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