Paul Sandell presents Beautiful Dreamers


June 12, 2011

Time: 5:00am

To sleep perchance to dream…
Songs and programming to either help you sleep, gently ease you awake or get you to just CHILL-THE-F**K-OUT

First up we have a re-run of an Old Time Radio Show ‘Moon River’ - Originally broadcast from 1930 to 1972 on WLW in Cincinnati, Ohio it was once described as “one of the few programs designed to put people to sleep” by one time announcer Bill Myers, featuring a combination of soft, “dreamy” music and romantic poetry set to organ accompaniment. You’ll hear such poems from Robert Browning, Thomas Hood and Henry Wadsworth Longfellow alongside choral interpretations of standards like ‘Put Your Dreams Away (For Another Day)’ (15mins in length)

Following that we have a 45min musical mix of soft tones, sweet strings and ZZ Top (seriously) taking you through sleep, dreams, insomnia…yawn…zzzzzz…

Put it on, relax, close your eyes, put your feet up, let calmness settle in before you drift off and then let the anger set in as you’re infuriated by my disregard for what YOU might want to hear and I play things that I like instead in some ill-mannered themed playlist that I chose for you to hear
...also featuring the likes of Altered Images, Low, Peter Hammill, Yvonne De Carlo (Yes, she was in the Munsters TV Series) and Virginia Astley amongst others.


Low - Try To Sleep
Altered Images - Goodnight & I Wish
The Magnetic Fields - Asleep and Dreaming
Tin Tin - Tuesdays Dreamer
The Everly Brothers - Send Me The Pillow That You Dream On
Ivor Cutler - Sleepy Old Snake
Yvonne DeCarlo - Blue Moon
ZZ Top - Asleep In The Desert
Iron Butterfly - Everyone Should Own A Dream
Unknown artist (composed by P.Bonneau) - Night-Time Drink [A Child's Lullaby]
Barry Fogie - Dawn Mists
Virginia Astley - With My Eyes Open I'm Dreaming
She & Him - If You Can't Sleep
Peter Hammill - Sleep Now

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