Owen Pallett


June 07, 2011

Time: 12:00am

Mix Tape.  A lot of fast jams.  Mostly French and Canadian, some punk, some new wave.  Lots of Toronto’s royal jewels.  There’s a couple of songs that I just realized are “electroclash”?  I guess I never got tired of electroclash.  As with all my mixes, I bounced the entire thing to a tapedeck to give it a mixtape feel.  My drummer, Rob Gordon—the best drummer, no, really—he helped with the song selection.  Thanks Michael Goodstein for “John E. Storm”, thanks Steve Kado for “Thousands Dead”.  I hope you enjoy it.  Go get a tan.  Owen



Mathemetiques Modernes "Disco Rough" (F) 3:59
Mag and the Suspects "Thousands Dead" (F) 3:41
The Wet Secrets "Hot, Hot, Hotter than the Sun" (CAN) 2:16
Station ID 0:23
Tuxedomoon "No Tears" (USA) 4:16
Starter "Part of You" (F) 3:33
OOIOO "Umo" (J) 3:26
John Paul Young "Ermie Has Feelers" (CAN) 3:13
Dog Ruff "Jon E. Storm" (UK) 2:51
Simon Bookish "Interview (Raincheck)" (UK) 3:17
Max Tundra "Nord Lead Three" (UK) 2:40
Tropics "Wildlife (live)" (CAN) 1:41
The Viletones "Screamin Fist" (CAN) 2:03
Heart Murmur "Why?" (CAN) 1:30
Hank "Danes In Peril!" (CAN) 2:06
Station ID 0:16
I Love 69 Popgeju "SrdĂ­cko" (CZ) 1:46
Spions, Inc. "Never Trust A Punk" (F) 1:57
Essential Logic "Martian Man" (USA) 4:15
Thomas Leer / Robert Rental "Monochrome Days" (UK) 3:37
Bernard Szajner "Welcome (to Deathrow)" (F) 5:59
Hank "Be True To Your School" (CAN) 1:44

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