Other Voices


June 12, 2011

Time: 6:30pm

We gathered in the heart of Dublin a City shot though with music, song, language and literature. It was one of those afternoons, time stood still.
Jospeh O Connor the writer of Star of the Sea and of the tender and magnificent Ghostlight began to speak of the notes of music dropped into his ear at a very early age. He talked of Joyce and Synge and Yates and Ska and Reggae and Elvis Costello. Villager Connor J riffed through blood and chocolate and urged us to drop a needle on “I want you”. We closed our eyes and listened to Costello rage. Conor plucked a tune for Dylan he unsheathed his silver dagger and gave air to the old ballad.  I had taken down some old recordings, a version of St Dominic’s preview by Van Morrison recorded some 15 years earlier in Temple Bar on a Tuesday afternoon, “All the tables are completely covered…The record company is paying off all the wine…A rare smile from Van”.  Adrian Crowley slipped in and we heard his warm murmurings from Other Voices. Radio show always be like this, a personal invitation to the heart of a conversation and a musical convention shared.


Domino would like to thank Tinpot productions for making this show happen. 


Domino - Van Morrison
Amazing grace - Aaron Neville (Recorded live in New Orleans)
My Back Pages - Bob Dylan
Pieces - Villagers (Recorded Live in McCarthy's Bar, Dingle, Co.Kerry - December 2008)
I want you - Elvis Costello
Silver dagger - Villagers
Paris 1919 - John Cale
The beekeepers Wife - Adrian Crowley
Twist & Crawl - The Beat
There She Goes My Beautiful World - Nick Cave
Memoir - Villagers
Blackout - Anna Calvi (Recorded Live in the St James' Church, Dingle, Co Kerry - December 2010)

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