Justin Spear


June 10, 2011

Time: 2:00pm

professor j spear takes us on a musical trip around the world

a global freak out ! ....... Although Justin has just decided he doesn’t like this name and is welcoming suggestions throughout the show.  Get twittering!

visiting brazil / france / germany / spain / poland ..... estonia ?

yep thats it i think !?



Serokin Steer - GSOH
Broadcast - City In Progress
Pram - Bewitched
Ludus - Little Girls
Serge Gainsbourg - La Horse
Clothilde - Fallait Pas Ecraser La Queue Du Chat France Gall - Petit Ballons Berrnard Estardy - Tic Tac Nocturn Je Suis Animal - Hotel Electric Caetano Veloso - Tropicalia Bazilian Octopus - Cancao Latina Mario CAstro Neves - Na NA Domino Singers (The Master SIngers) - The Weather Faust - Psalter Plastic People - Wonderous Mandarin Sohail Rana - Soul SItar Silouhettes - The Sound Of The Silhouettes Boredoms - Super Roots Seven Magical Power Mako - Untitled
Testbild- Tghe Dying Mirage
Damon - Dont You Feel Me
Pari Zangeneh - Iranian Folk Songs
Alessandroni - Spiagge Azzure

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