James Yorkston


June 11, 2011

Time: 10:00am

I put this show together fairly haphazardly, I just let my iPod shuffle along and decide what song was next, so occasionally the mixing isn’t super slick. Also, I became aware halfway through that my speech patterns and links were sounding a bit a bad John Peel impersonator - which wasn’t helped when Ivor Cutler popped up for a song. I enjoyed doing it a lot though and it’s a good show, full of music I love. I’m glad too many of my own songs didn’t appear. I also glad the dog sleeping at my feet didn’t wake up and bark howl along to the music.


1.Holger Czukay / Rolf Dammers – Mellow Out
2.Serge Gainsbourg – Black Trombone
3.Jimmie Rodgers – Chemirocha
4. Angolan Folksong
5.D’Gary – Betepotepo
6.Adrian Crowley – Long Distance Swimmer
7.The Roches – When You’re Ready
8.The Go-Betweens – Karen
9.Mary Margaret O’Hara – Dear Dark Heart
10.Leo Ferre – Monsieur William
11.Jack Fish –
12.Benjamin Biolay – Little Darlin’
12.Molly Drake – Poor Mum
13.Jimmy McBeef – John Anderson Major
14.Lizzy Higgins – A Beggar Man
15.James Yorkston – Spanish Ants

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