Ipswich Community Radio


June 11, 2011

Time: 5:30am

The Men For All Seasons are DJ Ugly Boy,
The Fat Funkster and   Ipswich’s Cultural Attaché AKA ‘The Fox’

DJ Ugly Boy is so ugly he has had to confine his career to radio – and in particular to obscure community stations that have no budget to pay presenters.  DJUB likes to play ‘challenging’ music – or ‘crap’ as his listener(s) describes it.  To avoid scaring the public Ugly Boy has to constantly wear the mask of a handsome, intelligent middle aged man.

Fats is a direct descendent of Willie ‘Fatty’ Foulkes who played in goal for Putney. Willie was an England international weighing over 22 stone. He was an immense man with a deep-loathing for both centre-forwards and referees.  The Fat Funkster weighs over 30 stone and has a deep loathing for any music apart from 70s funk and the Radio Authority.

Responsible for Ipswich’s cultural ‘offer’ the Fox is a part-time poet and …. well that’s about it.  The Fox aims to put Ipswich on the cultural map using the power of poetry.  The local council is still awaiting the results of this innovative and revolutionary approach to town planning. Needless to say the number of people visiting Ipswich has reached an all time low.  Curiously, during the same period, visitors to Putney have rocketed.


Stereolab – We’re Not Adult Orientated
Theo Parrish – JB’s Edit
RL Burnside – Shuck Dub
Extreme Noise Terror – Murder
Debrice King – The House Controls My Body
Gene Perry – Mojo Gene
Sainkho Namtchylak – Long Continuum
The Fall – Industrial Estate
Alain Presencer – Bon-Po Chant, the Singing Bowls of Tibet
Husker Du – Eight Miles High
John Grant – Queen of Denmark
Pere Ubu – Final Solution
Smokey – Mr Pitiful
The Jim Carroll Band – People Who Died

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