Handsome Steve Miller


June 10, 2011

Time: 6:00am

I grew up at the arse end of the world, latitude 37 south. The town was dominated by four stinking pulp mills that operated twenty fours a day.
There were two tribes, the bikies and the hippies. My mate Dave and I hated them, we were looking for something, just couldn’t work out what it was. We pilfered through our older brothers records, came across Howling Wolf, the Phil Spector Xmas LP, then one Xmas my brother gave me Dr Feelgood’s Stupidity and a record by Asleep At The Wheel for a joke. 
I was onto something. We found Alex Harvey and Lou Reed. We saw the Saints perform Stranded on television. A nugget of gold. We moved to Adelaide then Melbourne then London. We blew the Fall off the stage at the Electric Ballroom and got dropped from the tour. We liked groups who we thought were funny… have a listen, maybe you’ll think they’re funny too, if you don’t, take a powder and have a lie down.


Horizontal Action -The Psycho Surgeons.
New King Jack- Sekret Sekret.
It's Automatic- Young Modern.
1969 - The Stooges
Slowdown. Sonic Rendezvous Band
Past, Present and Future. The Shangri-Las
I Remember - Suicide
Lovesong of the Waterfall - Slim Whitman
6 Dead Birds - he Moodists
Rednecks - Randy Newman
Si Tu Dois Partir - Fairport Convention
36" High - Nick Lowe
Know Your Product - The Saints
Satan is Real - The Louvin Brothers
Be My Baby - The Ronettes
Everything is Fixed- Mick Harvey
Bedazzled - Peter Cook
Night Train - James Brown
Everybody's Talking - Harry Nilson

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