Bobby Gillespie


June 08, 2011

Time: 2:30pm

In the controlled world of the music business where money rules and everybody loves a winner no matter how crap their music is it’s a very rare thing for anyone to have a vision beyond that and a feeling for art/artists and what can really be achieved through the medium of rock and roll.  For me, amongst other things, Rock and Roll = freedom & imagination. It means trying things when maybe there’s a chance you’re gonna fall flat on your face and make a fool of yourself. It means sticking your neck out and taking a chance on something you believe in. I think starting your own radio station is a great idea; it’s a mission statement, a declaration of independence, a breakaway from the conformist garbage that passes for commercial radio pumping out mind- rot distraction 24/7.  And most of all it should be F-U-N!!  We need a place where underground sounds/ideas/opinions can be heard, somewhere where the play list isn’t dictated by big money but by how good the music is. So, it was a pleasure to be asked by the people at Domino Records to host my own radio show and to have the freedom to play exactly what i wanted on Domino Radio.  I hope you have as much fun listening to the show as I had making it.


Tim Rose – Morning Dew
Subway Sect – Nobody’s Scared
The Poets – That’s The Way It’s Got To Be
Teddy and his Patches – Suzy Cream Cheese
Patti Smith – Piss Factory
Marianne Faithfull – Counting
Laura Nyro & Labelle – The Bells
The Sweet Inspirations – Oh What A Fool I’ve Been
George Perkins and the Silver Stars – Crying in the streets
Tim Hardin – Tribute to Hank Williams
Wait and See - Lee Hazlewood
Jonny Ace – Pledging My Love
Crazy Horse - I Don’t Want To Talk About It
Skip Spence – Broken Heart
Skip Spence – War and Peace
David Crosby – Song with No Name
The Paris Sisters – I Love How You Love Me
Dion – Baby Lets Stick Together
Mink De Ville – Spanish stroll
The Girls – Chico’s Girl
Nico - I’m Not Saying
Link Wray – Girl from the North Country
Dr Feelgood – Down at the Doctors
Link Wray – Good Rockin' Tonight
Jonny Thunders & the Heartbreakers– Chinese Rocks
Paris Sisters – Dream Lover

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About Domino Radio

In the spirit of such stand-alone broadcasting giants as Radio Caroline, John Peel Show, Rinse FM, The World Service and Woman's Hour - and dispensing with such orthodoxies as playlists and compliance - Domino Radio commences transmission on June 6th 2011, for a week of non-stop music, conversation and good times.

Presented by Domino's international roster of artists, along with friends and neighbours from the worldwide independent music community, Domino Radio will host a dynamic schedule loaded with individuality, free expression and all manner of sounds from around the world.


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