Bob Stanley


June 10, 2011

Time: 4:00pm

Bob Stanley is a member of Saint Etienne and writes for the Guardian and the Times when he isn’t face down in a Schweppes crate full of 45s. He will soundtrack your afternoon tea with a selection of improbably beautiful records: expect popcorn, pre rock, girl groups, Brill Building obscurities, fuzzy 70s pop, and something called ‘ghost disco’.


CCS - Brother
The Jam - somethings gone
Oliva newton john - Till You Say You'll Be Mine
peanut - i didn't love him anyway
the chiffons - what am i gonna do with you
Chris Clark - I just wanna be loving you
D clark - come closer
sam fletcher - i think it over
rose garden - long time
delaney bramlett - betterman than me
disraeli - what will the new day bring
almond marzipan - Summer love
the sweet things - you're my loving baby
lesley gore- look the other way
barbara streisland - our corner of the night
anita bryant - my minds playing tricks on me again
ray pollard - the drifter
paul g and the monachs - its for real baby
k star - comes along a love
mungo jerry - baby john
john forde - space dance
oddesy - who
fleetwood mac - coming home
benny troy i wanna give you tomorrow
bee gees - fend me tender with my love
the bloomfields - loner
vouges - just what i've been looking for
jumo - promises
the chordettes - born to be with you
clint miller - birthaloo
maximillion snake
frank chacksfield - litte red monkey
the honey combs - cant get through to you
harry nilson - 16 tonnes
ted heath orchestra - frog march
billu fury - certain things
the impressions potent love

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