Archie Bronson Outfit


June 07, 2011

Time: 1:00am

Arp and Fifi of Archie join us in the studio to disuss morning rituals and some of the records they found on tour.


The Cramps – Domino
2.Yura Yura Yaro – Ohayo Mada Yaro (Hollow Me)
3.Todd Rundgren – It Wouldn’t Have Made Any Difference
4.The Hunches – Explosion
5.Dolly Parton – Girl Left Alone
6.Malcolm McLaren – Double Dutch
7.A Number Of Names – Shari Vari
8.Franco, Josky, Matalanza – Tu Es Machete
9.Las Chapis – El Aguajal
10.Psychic TV – Papel Breakdance
11.Sylvester – I Need Somebody To Love Tonight
12.Paul McCartney – Coming Up
13.Paul Simon – Late In The Evening

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