Alasdair Roberts - Female Voices of the World


June 12, 2011

Time: 7:30am

Alasdair Roberts is a musician based in Glasgow, Scotland.  Most often a guitarist and singer and wide collaborator, he interprets traditional ballads and creates new pieces of music which draw in various ways on the traditional musical material of his home country of Scotland and the wider world.  Alasdair Roberts & Friends’ most recent CD/LP ‘Too Long In This Condition’ is available now on Drag City Records (USA/North America) and Navigator Records (UK/Europe).
For Radio Domino, Alasdair brings us an hour of some of the world’s most distinctive and powerful female voices – from Mexico to Iceland, from Sardinia to Tajikistan.


1. Amalia Rodrigues - Fadinho Da Ti Maria Benta
2. Khaira Arby - Khaira
3. Elena Ledda - Se Dillu
4. Las Hermanas Pulido - Toronji Moradia
5. Roisin Esafty - Oiche Dorcha
6. Rocino Bazan - Queriendo Pierdo El Sentio
7. Ingvill Marit Garnas - Rikeball Og Gullborg
8. Rita Abatzi - Prepei Na Skepetai Kaneis
9. Interpreti Din Transilvania - Maicuta M-O Leganat
10. Gulchehra Sodiqova - Falaki Seisma
11. Musicians of the National Dance Company of Cambodia – Breu Peyney
12. Telavi Choir - Tsmindao Gmerto
13. Kathleen MacInnes - Duthaich MhicAoidh
14. Abida Parveen - Ishq Na Derda Mot Kolon

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